" We can make ants wrestle, elephants swim or take you to mars in a car"

With our unique blend of talents iLO is currently into 4 major business divisions: 3D CGI Animation, 2D Traditional and Digital Animation ( Harmony + Flash ), Co-Production & IP Development. We craft spectacular visual experience involving any of the above. Our pool of talented people aspires to achieve some of the best work in the industry. So involve us from the pre-production to the final product and we will add our experience towards a more efficient outcome.

3D Animation

iLO Entertainment is a cognoscente of industry professionals & creative enthusiasts that coddle in emotionally charged stories and original content creation for animation. Our strength lies in pre-production, art direction, and animation production for TV Series & Feature Film. We are a team of expert art/animation-directors, animators, and lighting + Compositing artists having nearly two decades of experience with animation studios. We have the advantage of combining global costs, strong relationships, a much-acclaimed talent pool and a very accredited service history. Our main objective is to develop, produce and distribute high-quality animation works that combine brilliant heart touching stories with computer innovative technologies for all ages/genres. The substratum of our mission is telling stories that bring a smile to every face through this wit of creating ‘serious fun’.

2D Animation

Screen-Play/Script writing:

We are connected with well known script writers & story tellers.

Storyboarding , Character-Designing & Animatics:

As animation is primarily a visual medium, one of the major tasks in animation TV & filmmaking is to write the compelling story visually. We at ILO have decades of experience in crafting beautifully functional storyboards for animated TV series and Feature length films.


In today’s competitive world, uniqueness and wisely decided style can truly brand and differentiate a company from its competitors. Presenting character, great profiles, character mediums with turn arounds + size charts should be more than just a symbol but a member of the family, after all these characters we produce in most cases are to be created from Heart & set from Mind for the most Clients using Flash & Harmony software. We deal with the concept and storytelling and help work with you to choose a character or style that reflects and communicates its central message efficiently whilst grabbing the eye from the first second.


A producer and collaborator
iLO is associated globally with major Intellectual Properties (IP’s) classical and iconic properties in partnership with international and national broadcasters, distributors, licensees and large independent producers from Europe & North America. iLO with our talented and passionate team has consolidated its position as one of the major producers of animated shows.

Intellectual Property

The way we approach an IP is keeping in mind what is going on in the market and how do we bring in the next new trend. Balancing both of these things is what we focus on.Originality, outstanding ideas, uniqueness, creativity—all these are key to making successful media content which includes films, television series, games and so on. IP rights shape each stage of the content producing journey. We are IP producers and we tell spellbinding home-grown stories developing persuasive characters, and our clients are assured of originality. The characters we create are original and edgy. We have an enthused team constantly at work to ensure that we stay on top of the game.

Concept Development

In addition to developing our own concepts, we also provide concept development services. If you have an idea that needs a storyboard, assets, pitch bible or even a trailer, we can help you realize your dreams into a marketing force. Working with you we can help to establish the appropriate style and quality of animation. We also have in-house scriptwriters who can help to bring your ideas to paper.

We're passionate about creating characters and original content that inspire kids to learn, explore and grow.

Our talented team looks forward to be a part of content that excites, captivates and engages the audience around the globe.


Animated explainer videos are an effective way to concisely communicate a brand image, launch a product or explain the solution to a customer problem. iLO has a slew of expert animators and motion graphic artists who are adept at storytelling through explainer videos. We have worked for a myriad of clients including pharmaceutical companies and banking corporations. Our team of experts can handle any complex concepts and know the right questions to ask to deliver videos to boost conversions, increase leads and improve brand visibility for your company.